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The purpose of this document is to provide you with general guidelines as to what iPath Cloud Solutions manages as part of the phone installation and/or what may be the responsibility or expectation of the customer

  • iPath Cloud Solutions, Inc. strongly recommends that you have CALL FORWARDING on any advertised lines/main line with your current phone carrier. Please be sure to request forwarding capabilities of as many simultaneous calls as you desire for incoming calls. This will help to ensure a smooth transition from phone company to phone company. Please ask us any questions regarding this forwarding                                                                                                         
  • Pending a Firm Order Commitment (FOC) date. While this date is normally firm, there are cases beyond iPath Cloud Solution’s control that can occur. The release date for your phone numbers is dictated by your current phone provider. iPath Cloud Solutions does not have any control over the port date that is given. However, iPath Cloud Solutions will make every reasonable effort to coordinate this process and prevent delays. Additionally, please be advised that contract and termination fees are the responsibility of the customer and include phone charges from the previous provider for services rendered. iPath Cloud Solutions will receive the ported numbers and hold them while the customer is active in our system.                                                                  
  • Similarly, for dedicated internet installations, the internet service provider, in coordination with the local phone company will dictate the installation and release date of the new Internet service. If your suite does not currently have a connection for Internet access, additional charges for an extension from the point of entry (demarcation point) to your suite may be incurred.                                                                                                           
  • Customer will need to ensure that any applicable phone lines with their previous carriers have been disconnected AFTER the porting has been verified and confirmed by iPath Cloud Solutions.                                            
  • Analog modem based devices, such as fax machines, credit card machines, alarm lines, ATM’s, server access lines, etc. require the customer to make arrangements to have a standard phone line for such devices. iPath Cloud Solutions can provide recommendations to facilitate service to these devices.                                                        
  • Unless stated in a scope of work, iPath Cloud Solutions is not responsible for network connectivity to all areas where a phone will be installed. Any out of scope work that iPath Cloud Solutions installers perform will be billed at $140.00 per hour plus materials.                                                                                                                     
  • Unless stated in a scope of work, iPath Cloud Solutions is not responsible for printers, wireless routers, personal computers or servers. We will work with your IT partner or internal IT department to ensure that all network devices work after our install. Note: Any out of scope work that iPath Cloud Solutions installers perform will be billed at $140.00 per hour.  

  • A single point of contact from your company will need to be assigned to communicate with iPath Cloud Solutions for Installation, Service and Adds, Moves and changes to your account. 

  • You will have one or more project managers involved in the coordination efforts of your new phone system, there will be several occasions where both parties need to discuss the various aspects of your installation, configuration, and programming and call flow requirements. 

  • To ensure that your new service will work smoothly, you will need to provide us with a static IP address from your broadband carrier, and we may need to contact them for minor changes in your router’s firewall. The provisioning of additional static IP addresses may require that your IT provider reconfigure your existing static IP addresses. Please inform them that an iPath Cloud Solutions team member will be contacting them prior to your installation.

  • Depending on the complexity of your data network, it may be necessary to have your IT provider present during the installation. You are responsible for the charges from your IT Company.

  • Depending on the layout of your telephone equipment closet or server room, there may be additional charges for miscellaneous installation hardware to ensure a neat, organized and complete installation. You may be required to purchase items such as data patch cables, relay racks, patch panels, equipment backboards, etc. A written estimate of these charges will be submitted to you prior to the work being performed. 


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